35 Franklin St., Newport, RI

(gallerie ellipsis)

    an emerging artists project

ellipsis.....the symbol of things to come...


(gallerie ellipsis) was formed with a unique message of encouragement and opportunity.
Encouragement for the student interested in a career in art.
Opportunity for the upcoming artist to define and exhibit their work.
And a platform for seasoned artist educators to share their knowledge in a professional format with community participation.
We strive to present new and innovative art in several mediums on a rotating basis.
We provide assistance in executing a successful viewing for this fresh and talented work.
Our marketing goals are artist centered and we develop each opportunity with the full support of our staff and patrons.

 (gallerie ellipsis) accepts submissions from artists on the basis of diversity and schedule allowance.
We encourage you to visit our gallery and experience our emerging artistic experience.